Lakes in transition

Year 2022
Material porcelain
for AW Newcomer Shop
Source Landesamt für Umwelt, Brandenburg

The state of Brandenburg is the driest region in Germany.
All lakes of this region have lost water. Some have already
disappeared due to rising temperatures. The shapes of the
vases are based on various lakes in Brandenburg, while
the colouring is related to the sinking water level.
The objects are made from porcelain using a ceramic 3-D
printer.  They are built up from hundreds of fine layers and then
hardened in a kiln. All residual materials from the process are
reused for new objects.

STRAUSSEE                                                            GROSSER ZESCHSEE                                       MOTZENERSEE   
N52°34´44.578“/ O13°52´33.267“                          N52°6´36.247“/ O13°30´53.135“                         N52°12´54.597/ O13°34´7.413“

WANNSEE                                                               LIEPNITZSEE                                                        SEDDINER SEE   
N52°25´16.316“/ O13°10´48.217“                           N52°44´55.132“/ O13°30´53.909“                        N52°16´47.286“/ O13°0´46.5“